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At Luna Bakery, we introduce new sugar cookie themes for each holiday or special occasion. Sometimes one period has ended, but the next has not quite begun, so its a time to be suggestive and creative. This year between our back-to-school theme and our Halloween theme, we had about two weeks where we needed to be creative.

This month I want to share my Dog/Cat themed cookies. Below I’ll show you how I created them.

The first and my favorite cookie was the plaque cookie with script “Live, Love, Woof”. I started by outlining and flooding the plaque cookie in white. When the cookie dried in about 12 to 24 hours, I used gray and pink royal icing to write “Live, Love, Woof”. To add a little something extra, I used red royal icing to make a set of paw prints next to the word love.

Live Love Woof Cookie Plaque

I’ll tell you that writing in script or any kind of writing is not easy. I started off by using a projector to help me with spacing and keeping straight lines. Without the projector it never failed to either slope downward or run off the cookie (ugh). The projector was a huge help. Another thing I recommend about writing: Never. Give. Up. Keep practicing because it will come together. And, if it doesn’t, don’t be ashamed to use the projector. Nobody needs to know you used a projector. It’s about doing good work for yourself (and if you have customers, your customers). It took me about a year to be happy with my writing but I still think it can improve.

Another cookie I really liked was the Dog Bone with script “Woof” cookies. Again, I started by outlining and flooding the dog bone cookie, after drying 12 – 24 hours, I used blue royal icing with a 1 tip to write in block letters “Woof”. I finished using red royal icing to make a set of paw prints on each side of the “Woof”.

To include our feline friends, I used a sitting cat cookie cutter, and outlined and flooded in gray. While the flooding was still wet, I dropped in pink dots. This technique is call “wet-on-wet”. Wet-on-wet is where you flood the cookie and before it dries you drop in another color of flooding to create a design. My design was dots. When the sitting cat cookie dried (12-24 hrs.), I added a collar with a bow using a 1 tip. I also placed a heart on the cat’s back. A good way to make hearts is to make tear drops side by side.

I hope you found this entertaining and informative. If you make any of these suggested cookies I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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